We provide our partners with outstanding quality, support and guidance to enable them to effortlessly diversify their research programmes and reach their development target.

Partnering with The PACT Group offers the unique opportunity to access the Sub-Saharan African population, achieving diversity in any research programme. 


This means developing therapies without excluding groups of individuals who may benefit from them and providing more robust data for all patient populations, whilst ensuring welfare and safety is maintained. 


We work in countries where conducting clinical trials may be perceived as challenging but with our local knowledge, targeted planning, preparation, and close monitoring through every stage, we ensure the successful completion of every project.

Benefits to Sponsors and CROs:

  • Pre-identified research sites that are experienced, GCP trained and equipped and are able to deliver clinical trials. 

  • Efficient trial set up to ensure the delivery of credible data to support development programmes.

  • Oversight and facilitation of clinical trial conduct.

  • Serving as a primary point of contact for site personnel.

  • Access to local experts to support regulatory authority and ethics committee submissions.