patient recruitment

Using expert knowledge of Sub-Saharan Africa, we are able to recruit within target timelines and retain clinical trial participants.

Patient recruitment and retention is one of the most important factors that determine the success of any clinical trial with sponsor organisations now facing an increased number of recruitment challenges that have an impact on both time and cost. 


These are challenges that The PACT Group is able to resolve!

With expert knowledge of the Sub-Saharan landscape, The PACT Group works with our chosen sites to implement a unique and adaptable strategy for patient recruitment and engagement.  Through this we are able to adapt to the need of the of the region as we specialise in creating materials for patients that are both informative and motivating, while also being culturally and therapeutically relevant.

Patient retention is enabled through education, encouragement and ongoing support.


The enrolment and retention of high-quality patients is critical to the outcome of every trial we undertake.