Bridging the gap and advancing clinical research in Africa


who we are

The Pan African Clinical Trials Group (The PACT Group) is a site management organisation (SMO) offering specialist clinical trial planning and management services within Sub-Saharan Africa.


By seamlessly facilitating clinical research with sponsor organisations, we can make a significant impact on the debilitating effect of diseases in the African population, whilst ensuring better representation and diversity in clinical trials.

The PACT Group is ideally positioned to help our partners achieve their trial objectives due to our expertise, which includes:

  • A wealth of local knowledge, from regulatory requirements to health care practitioners and key opinion leaders.

  • A network of pre-selected, vetted and good quality research sites with highly trained teams.

  • Access to research ready patient population. 

research in africa


17% of the global population lives in Africa with the sub-Saharan region projected to double by 2050.


Africa is host to 3% of the global pharmaceutical market, but it attracts <1% of registered clinical trials. 


WHO estimates that Non Communicable Diseases will rise by 27% over the next 10 years in Africa.

Sub-Saharan Africa is fast becoming a global health innovator, with extraordinary opportunities for the conduct of clinical trials. It is the most genetically diverse region in the world, yet this diversity is not well represented in clinical trials. 

As competition increases to bring new drugs to patients, so too does the search to find markets that reduce the amount of time and cost it takes to conduct clinical trials. This region is uniquely placed to enable fast and efficient patient recruitment and offers an untapped wealth of opportunities for research.


The PACT Group is committed to working with partners that are looking to diversify their clinical trials and make a significant impact on the clinical research landscape in this region.